Super Dog NY dog rescue - Adoption Contract

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We request an adoption donation for all pets adopted through us, this donation is usually representative of the costs incurred for that pet .Occasionally we receive a pet that costs little if anything to re-home in that case your donation will be used towards an animal whose costs exceed what we could ask as a donation. If you are financially able to give more than we request we promise to use your donation toward saving or improving the life of a homeless pet.

You understand that this animal that you are adopting is a rescued animal .

By signing below you agree that I , Giselle Goldsmith , and Super Dog NY dog rescue, are neither responsible or liable for any  behavior , actions, or health of the animal.
You as the adopter will be 100% responsible for the animal's health, welfare and safety ,and behavior.
By signing below you agree;
·        This pet will not be used for experiments of any kind.
·        This pet will not be permitted to run at large or become a public nuisance.
·        To provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter and veterinary care as this       pet requires throughout their lifetime.

·        If your dog is showing any signs of negative, or aggressive behavior, you MUST address immediately!! Seek professional advice and provide proper training!!! Consult a trainer, your vet, and please call us to let us know.
·        You will keep current contact numbers on pets ID tags and they will be worn at all times. 
As the adopting family, you will not hold Super Dog  NY dog rescue (or any of our representatives) responsible for any present or future illness of this pet or damage pet may do to person or property. 

Further, all dogs and puppies are dewormed regularly.
The date of their last deworming is indicated on the paperwork – by signing below you agree that you may need to deworm the dog or cat again.
All un-altered puppies/kittens MUST be spayed or neutered by age 6 months. THIS IS NOT NEGOTIABLE, if not completed by 6 months we will re-claim this pet as our property

Pets Name _______________________________________ Dominant Breed ____________________________________________
Approximate Age or Birthdate ________________________ Sex _________________
I understand and agree to all the terms above, most importantly I promise to love and care for this pet as a family member. I fully understand that if I am unable to retain this pet, my only option is to contact rescue to arrange return. I promise not to transfer ownership without their approval. You also agree to surrender this pet if your home is deemed un-suitable or if the pet is determined to have been mistreated in any way.
Adopter ___________________________________________________________ Phone 
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