Super Dog NY dog rescue - Food for thought
Most people live their lives with good intention, but don't complete the cycle "to care, to help and give".
Too many people are stuck with the part of "caring" and have numerous reason to believe they are unable to "help and give".
You may think --
- if you help or give, it's to small to make an impact
- you have to much going on yourself
- you can't save the world
- someone else will take care of it
- it's to painful to get involved and face the truth
- you are afraid to open the door and never be able to close it
It a huge list of things why we are stuck in the caring part and only able to give our sorrows.
There is nothing more fulfilling in life as to complete the cycle and "help and give". It makes us wholesome !
Start today -- ask yourself what you CAN do.
The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention.
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