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The Animal Rights Alliance Inc., T.A.R.A., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The T.A.R.A. mobile clinic program has spayed and neutered over 70,000 cats since 2002.MissionOur mission is to reduce pet overpopulation through affordable community programs. We hope to reduce the number of stray, abandoned, and unwanted cats and dogs from coming into a system that cannot hold them. By lowering the birth rate and increasing public awareness, this will stop the killing and create more good homes. We also strongly support TNR and encourage positive, public awareness regarding feral cat care. 

Be Part of the SolutionCompany OverviewT.A.R.A. has been providing low-cost spay and neuter services for cats throughout the Hudson Valley, N.Y., and beyond since 2002.DescriptionThe mobile clinic travels to locations throughout Sullivan and Orange counties weekly. Multiple locations and dates are typically available to choose from. The clinic features morning check-in and same-day afternoon pick-up. The mobile clinic staff includes N.Y. state licensed veterinarians and N.Y. state licensed veterinary technician. High-quality medical services are provided by highly qualified, experienced, and caring staff.General InformationPlease call for locations and times. Appointments are required. Our mobile clinic is in Monticello and Newburgh alternating Mondays, Monroe every Tuesday, and Middletown every Wednesday. We have occasional special events in Beacon, Pomona, Walden, Warwick, and Gardiner on Thursdays and Saturdays.

1984Sponsors include the ASPCA and Marian's Dream.$70 per cat includes female spay or male neuter, a one-year rabies vaccination, ear cleaning, nail trim, and a precautionary penicillin shot.

Additional services (only at time of surgery):

Feline Distemper Vaccine: $10/shot
Drontal: $5/pill (broad spectrum feline dewormer) 
Frontline Plus: $12/monthly dose (treats fleas and ticks) 
Revolution: $12/monthly dose (treats fleas, ear mites, roundworms, and hookworms)
Microchipping: $35 (universally read chip, includes lifetime registration)

T.A.R.A. has now exceeded 70,000 cat spays and neuters throughout the Hudson Valley and beyond! 

T.A.R.A.'s Mission

The Animal Rights Alliance Inc., T.A.R.A., is addressing the greatest cause of animal suffering, pet overpopulation. Our mission is to reduce the number of stray, abandoned and unwanted cats and dogs from coming into a system that cannot hold them. This will stop the killing and create more good homes. Our current, and most important, operating program is that of a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, staffed by a veterinarian and two veterinary assistants which operates in the Hudson Valley.

About T.A.R.A., Inc.

The Animal Rights Alliance, Inc., was founded in 1984, by Rose and Stephen Tardif to help stray and abandoned animals. They started out by trapping and finding homes for cats and dogs. They also helped others find homes for unwanted cats and dogs, and made sure all were spayed and neutered prior to . It was time-consuming and painstaking. They finally came to the realization that their efforts made a difference for a few, but were not addressing the more serious problem of pet overpopulation. While they were saving one or two at a time, thousands were reproducing. It was like filling a pail of water with a hole in its bottom! Upon further analysis, they came to the fact that there are only two ways to curtail pet overpopulation; one is to raise the death rate and the other is to lower the birth rate. They opted for the latter. 

Determined to find a way to increase spaying and neutering and make it affordable for everyone in need, they networked with others, formed alliances with local veterinarians, and even spent years negotiating with county governments in order to implement a spay/neuter program that would work effectively and cost efficiently. One day, the opportunity to purchase a mobile clinic presented itself, and they took the leap and the risk to follow their dream. 

On March 26th 2002, T.A.R.A. rolled out its mobile spay neuter clinic for the first time. T.A.R.A. spayed and neutered ten females and nine males on that day. The task involved many learning curves, but with the help of experienced veterinarians and a proficient staff, their program grew by leaps and bounds. Presently, T.A.R.A. has exceeded 50,000 surgeries since 2002! The clinic can and has performed over 60 spays and neuters on a given day, but 40 to 60 is generally the norm. It is, for T.A.R.A., an outstanding accomplishment and beyond its highest expectations.

TARA wishes to thank all those in the tri-state area and, especially, the Hudson Valley, for their vigorous and generous support which enabled us to obtain a new, state-of-the-art mobile clinic in September, 20ll. We would also like to extend a special "Thank you" to the ASPCA and to Marian's Dream, as well. Without all of you, this would not have been possible.

Our new clinic is able to accommodate more cats, comfortably, while providing our staff with the space and mobility they require to function more efficiently. Together we can forge ahead in a new and exciting year for all the animals we will continue to help on our path. We truly feel blessed! 

Or send your gift directly to: 

T.A.R.A., Inc. 
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