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Dr Dolittle 1967 Film Soundtrack "Talk To The Animals"
This is the song "Talk To The Animals" sung by Rex Harrison in the 1967 Musical Film Dr Dolittle.
Most dog fees, whether from a  rescue, or a shelter, range from $150.00 to $300.00. Why so much ? Who would pay that much  for a dog nobody seems to want anyway? A lot of people.
Although the fee is a way to subsidize costs of caring for the numerous needs of animals,  and also a legal requirement of non profit business ,it also serves a  greater function. The fee will put off anybody who is not willing to spend on their animals. If you can not afford a $200.00 fee, then you are unlikely to be able to afford care for when he falls ill or has an accident. If you won't spend it to bring home a pet, then it is more than likely that you won't spend it when it is really needed either.  It is a harsh world out there for pets, and making sure  they go to a good, responsible home that will care for them for the rest of their life is the number one concern of most shelter and rescue volunteers.
Donations of, Food, Bedding,Toys etc. is greatly appreciated !
Fostering is fun and dollar donations help in every way and make rescue possible .

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